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Shooting-Performance Firearms Training

Specialty Course

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with Michael Seeklander

Calendar Apr 5, 2021 at 9 am

Open to: Special Operations, Law Enforcement, or Special Approvals 

Course Description: This course is a weeklong class designed to give you the entire spectrum of the total training system that covers all of the material taught in the defensive handgun classes.  It is specially designed to meet the needs of low profile operators that depend on integrating a handgun into a fight at various distances.  The program will take your shooting to the next level. The full training system is like nothing else available today, focusing on not only the execution of skills but in the critical process to properly train those skills and subsequently improve your results.  Distance and context are also thoroughly covered in this program, defining the distance related concepts of a fight with a handgun.  


Class Learning Objectives:

  • Mental preparation 
  • Physical preparation
  • Principles of an effective training program
  • Carry gear and firearm setup
  • Principles of dry fire training (manipulation training)
  • Principles of the firing cycle (high-performance marksmanship)
  • Live fire micro and macro drills (firing cycle)
  • Low light handgun operation (practical application limited by the range)
  • Dynamic movement techniques
  • One-Handed survival shooting techniques
  • Vehicle defensive shooting techniques
  • Weapon retention and handgun combatives 
  • Concepts of a proper live fire training session

Required Gear: 

  • Serviceable handgun and magazines (2-3) or speed loaders (2-3)
  • Handgun carry gear (we recommend your daily carry holster and gear)
  • 2500 rounds of ammunition (*Note, this is an estimated quantity due to the unique flexibility of the program, students may shoot more or less)
  • One of the following that is the same model as your carry gun and that will fit in your holster: Red gun or SIRT Pistol, or Safe barrel insert.
  • 10 rounds of dummy ammunition (your caliber)
  • Concealing garment (if you carry concealed)
  • Firearms rated eye and ear protection
  • Personal comfort items (chair, water, snacks, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Notebook and pen




with Michael Seeklander

Calendar Jun 14, 2021 at 9 am

Open to: This is an instructor course, so brand new or very inexperienced shooters should not attend. 

Course Description: This is an Instructor Development Course, not a course certifying instructional methods for a specific state or agency/group.  It is a combination of material compiled over 15 years of instructing full time as a full time federally certified instructor and semi-professional shooter.  This instructional course will greatly increase your ability to instruct in a structured and professional manner.  It is meant to take those who have a solid interest in teaching, or those who already have experience and build upon it.  This course is like no other course on the market, in that it focuses on instructional methodology versus a specific technique or system.     It does include a details shooting block of instruction to establish base manipulation and marksmanship skill to increase your skill level, as well as to demonstrate live fire range management.

Class Learning Objectives:

  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • Managing a Classroom Environment
  • Managing a Live Fire Range Environment
  • Principles of an Effective Training Program
  • The E.D.I.P. (Explain Demonstrate Imitate and Practice) model
  • The P.E.S.O.S. model of instruction
  • Instructional Block “What, Why, How” model
  • R.A.V. method of question/answer
  • Overcoming Technical Objections
  • Instructor-Student Communication Techniques
  • Planning and Instructional Material Development

Required Gear:

  • 750 rounds handgun ammunition (*Note, this is an estimated quantity due to the unique flexibility of the program; students may shoot slightly more or less.)
  • 750 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • Firearm (Handgun and Rifle) and ALL related equipment
  • Notebook and pen
  • Personal protective gear (eye and ear protection)
  • Dummy rounds appropriate for their caliber handgun and rifle (10)

211 - THE BIGGER CIRCLE - ADVANCED SHOOTING MECHANICS With Mike Seeklander and Rob Leatham / Casa Grande, AZ


with Michael Seeklander

Calendar Nov 19, 2021 at 9 am

Dates: Nov 19-21

Instructors: Mike Seeklander and Rob Leatham

MANDATORY Pre-requisites: You may take this class if you are a C class shooter (USPSA), Marksman (IDPA), or can shoot the Bill Wilson 5x5 skills test in under 30 seconds.  You may find this test here.  If you do NOT meet these, you will NOT be refunded if you are removed from class. 

Note!!: Sorry, the Shooting-Performance Spring and AWS discount codes are not valid for this class since it is a combined instructor class. 

Course Description: This is a 3 day class with Mike Seeklander, and Rob Leatham!  Your foundation is solid, however, new skills still await you. The “Bigger Circle” concept is the key to this course, and this simply means that shooting skill is the answer to the problem you wish to solve. This course does not separate competitive from defensive, but rather focuses on the keys to successfully solving the shooting problem at hand irregardless of sport or task. Taking your skill level to the next level requires a detailed breakdown of the mechanics required to shoot better, and this course will teach you those mechanics. 

Class Learning Objectives:

  • Advanced High Performance Marksmanship Principles
  • Advanced High Performance Manipulation Techniques
  • Understanding the Process of "scoring" as a training concept
  • Understanding the Visual Performance Concepts
  • Training Drill Execution for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Keys to Developing Speed
  • Balance and Movement Principles
  • Mental Toughness

Required Gear:

  • Serviceable handgun and magazines (2-3) or speed loaders (2-3)

  • Serviceable handgun carry gear (holster and magazine pouches)

  • 1500 rounds ammunition (*Note, this is an estimated quantity due to the unique flexibility of the program, students may shoot more or less)   

  • Notebook and pen

  • Personal protective gear (eye and ear protection)

  • Dummy rounds appropriate for their caliber handgun (10)

  • Water, snacks, chair, sunscreen, or any other personal comfort items desired.

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