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Shooting-Performance Firearms Training

Competition Handgun

213 - COMPETITION HANDGUN DIAGNOSTICS with Mike Seeklander / Grand Junction, CO


with Michael Seeklander

Calendar May 30, 2022 at 8 am

Dates: May 30,31

Ammo update!: CAMEO has ammunition available! You can buy 500 rounds for anyone taking the class and 400 rounds for the match. Call (970) 464-1339 for pre-ordering.

Instructors: Mike Seeklander 

MANDATORY Pre-requisites: You may take this class if you are a classified shooter in IDPA or USPSA

Note!!: Sorry, the Shooting-Performance Spring and AWS discount codes are not valid for this class since it is a combined instructor class. 

Course Description: This is a 5 hour (8-1:00 pm no lunch break), 2-day competition-focused skill development and diagnostic class with Mike Seeklander!  Learn from multiple-time national in a fun and information-filled class.  We will use portions of the match stages to help show you how to improve your score. Winning is a combination of shooting skills, and learning how to apply that skill and score the best in any given situation, and this class will open your eyes to these details. 

Class Learning Objectives:

  • Advanced High-Performance Marksmanship Principles
  • Advanced High-Performance Manipulation Techniques
  • Understanding the Process of "scoring" your best
  • Understanding the Visual Flow
  • Keys to Developing Speed
  • Balance and Movement Principles
  • Mental Toughness

Required Gear:

  • Serviceable handgun and magazines (2-3) or speed loaders (2-3)

  • Serviceable handgun and carry gear (holster and magazine pouches)

  • 500 rounds ammunition (*Note, this is an estimated quantity due to the unique flexibility of the program, students may shoot more or less and CAN adjust their ammo expenditure if necessary)   

  • Notebook and pen

  • Electronic ear protection

  • Eye protection

  • Dummy rounds appropriate for their caliber handgun (10)

  • Water, snacks, chair, sunscreen, or any other personal comfort items desired.

Will run



with Michael Seeklander

Calendar Aug 27, 2022 at 9 am

Open to: Anyone (must be classified in USPSA or IDPA)

Note: This class is a two day class where the students will shoot with Mike Seeklander on the second day in the section match.  To get squadded with Mike, you can contact Mike Shapiro at this email address:

Course Description: Your foundation is solid, however, new skills still await you. Are your fundamentals wired tight enough to perform well on the X-drill’s?  This course will introduce you to them.  Movement is a huge key in competing at higher levels and this course will show you how to move through a stage without wasting time. This course will also include a second day of shooting the actual stages on the sectional match.  Learn from Mike as he coaches you through an actual match! 

Class Learning Objectives:

  • Fundamental and X-Drill Series
  • Competition Movements
  • Stage Theory
  • Short stage movement techniques
  • Long stage movement techniques
  • Day Two the students will shoot as a squad in the sectional 
  • And More! 

Required Gear:

  • Serviceable handgun and magazines (2-3) or speed loaders (2-3)
  • Handgun carry gear (we recommend your daily carry holster and gear)
  • 500 rounds of ammunition (*this is just for the Saturday class, NOT the match make sure you have enough for the match)
  • Electronic ear muffs (not mandatory, but HIGHLY recommended, check out Impact Sport brand)
  • Firearms rated eye protection
  • Personal comfort items (chair, water, snacks, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Notebook and pen

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